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About Us

Hello! My name is Sanaz Fahimi and thanks for taking the time to check out my website. I always find it helps me to take better photographs if I build relationships with my clients. That being said I haven’t met you yet but here is some information about me. I have traveled the world documenting my clients’ most cherished life moments for the past 15 years. I lead the team with a photographic style thats been featured in magazines published around the world. My loyal team continues to innovate and reinvent both the business and creative approach to the art form.

Weddings are an amazing event to photograph because there is a never-ending opportunity to capture once in a lifetime moments; everything from the bride putting on her dress to the couple reciting their vows to the grand exit. Everyone is filled with so much joy, laughter and happiness that it makes my job as the photographer fun. My goal is to deliver photographs that not only look great, but also will be able retell the story of your special day.

Something Little to know about me:

My favorite compliment is when people tell me that I make them comfortable. I get all warm and fuzzy inside. When I am not shooting, you can find me spending time with my family, traveling the world, eating healthy food, working out in my gym for couple hours, baking something sweet or, most likely, behind my computer editing photos. My favorite ice cream is Pistachio Gelato.  My favorite part about my job is becoming close with my couples and being a part of such a big day in their lives. I believe happiness can be captured through my lens and I am  passionate about capturing love of two people.