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Sanaz Fahimi , Owner of Aaward-winning studio Butterfly Photography, travels the world documenting its clients’ most cherished life moments. She leads the team with a photographic style that’s been featured in magazines published around the world. Her loyal team continues to innovate and reinvent both the business and their creative approach to the art form.

Sanaz and her team’s dedication to their craft was recently published in Virginia Bride Magazine 2020 Cover . “We try to push the limits for our clients, and that says a lot about our studio and the overall experience our clients have with us,” says Sanaz. “Today’s bride and groom don’t want their parents’ pictures. They want images that are reflective of their personalities and that are unique to them.”

Something Little to know her personality: 

Her favorite compliment is when people tell her that she makes them comfortable. She gets all warm and fuzzy inside. When she is not shooting, you can find her spending time with her family, traveling the world, eating healthy food, working out in her gym for couple hours, baking something sweet or, most likely, behind her computer editing photos. Her favorite ice cream is Pistachio Gelato.  Her favorite part about her job is becoming close with her couples and being a part of such a bid day in their lives. She believes happiness can be captured through her lens and she is passionate about capturing love of two people.